Marketing PR & Sales

Advanced Selling Skills & Techniques

Winning Sales Techniques for the Go-getters!


Who Should Attend:

  • Sales Professionals seeking to enhance their career
  • Client-facing Sales Managers
  • Sales Teams

Course Objectives

  • Understand sales forecasting, ways to give a sales presentation, account management and basics of customer relationship management
  • The importance and ways to convert hot leads to sales
  • Qualities of a superb sales professional
  • Conduct a comprehensive Sales SWOT Analysis
  • Understand the key concepts – Buying Cycle vs. Selling Cycle
  • Optimise key strengths and work on your weaknesses as a sales person
  • Learn how to tap new markets and effective ways to retain the current clientele
  • The significance of managing customer relationships and learn that account management is the key to better sales
  • Realise and learn the significance of maintaining your motivation levels when the sales cycle is on the downside.
  • Develop your style and strategy for selling
  • Develop exceptional skills of communication and persuasion.

What will you gain ?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Apply the most latest sales methods and procedures at your workplace and within your sales team
  • Achieve your designated sales targets hence producing higher profits and healthier returns
  • Manage your set of customer-base applying the selling skills you learned during this programme
  • Generate improved sales reports
  • Apply new ideas and techniques to sell
  • Identify your customers’ needs and buying criteria, even when they don’t want to tell you
  • Engage yourself and your buyer in a positive emotional state that will maximise your selling performance.

Course Content

Day 1 
  • Overview
  • Abilities of a qualified sales professional
  • SWOT – 6 vital areas
  • Difference between Selling and Marketing
  • Selling Cycle vs. Buying Cycle
  • Selling Strategies – Analysis and Planning
  • What does a successful sales deal comprise of?
  • Sales consultation or Consultative selling
  • Apt Account Management – WHO are your customers?
 Day 2 
  • Presenting with poise
    • Sales presentation
  • Closing
  • Key Account Management
    • Customer relationship fundamentals
    • Needs and expectations
    • Pampering your customers
    • Keeping in touch
    • New behavioural styles to sell
  • Motivational techniques
  • Wrap-up and feedback.

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