Procurement & Contracts

Advanced Supply Chain Risk


Who Should Attend:

  • Supply Chain Departments & Professionals
  • Procurement Departments & Professionals

Course Objectives

This workshop is aimed at equipping procurement professionals with the knowledge and tools to better identify and manage risk resulting from exposure to the organisation’s supply base. The program will also look more broadly at the management of enterprise risk and how procurement can contribute to its management.

What will you gain ?

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
  • Analyse the scope and nature of risk to the organisation
  • Identify a wide range of risks
  • Assess the potential sources and likely impact of risk in the organisation
  • Plan and implement an appropriate risk management process within the overall framework employed by the organisation
  • Apply supply chain mapping and risk assessment
  • Understand how to use risk elimination, avoidance and reduction techniques
  • Apply a range of established tools to manage risk proactively and reduce consequential loss
  • Understand risk transfer & mitigation strategies
  • Appreciate contingency planning
  • Be familiar with ongoing risk assessment and control techniques.

Course Content

Introduction to Risk Management
  • Definition of Risk, Risk Analysis, Identification and Assessment
  • Risk Management and Strategy, Mitigation and Appetite.
Different Types of Risk
  • Strategic & Operational
  • Financial & Compliance
  • Environmental & Reputational.
Sources of Risk, Exposures and Types of Loss
  • Internal and External
  • Analysis Tools, - PESTLE, Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability & use of Process Mapping
  • Tiering and Traceability.
Risk Management & Control
  • Risk Management
  • Risk assessment and Evaluation
    • Risk Treatment (4 T’s)
    • Risk Mitigation Planning and Reporting
    • Evaluate problems of Risk Occurrence, the possible Consequences and Mitigating Actions
    • Probability of Occurrence
    • Risk Analysis / Impact
    • Scoring and Mapping, Prioritisation of Risk
    • How Suppliers / Supply Chain can help to Reduce / Mitigate Risk
    • Controlling Risk on an on-going basis
    • Risk Promotion / Education, Ownership.
    Enterprise Risk
    • Corporate Strategy, Risk Appetite
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Culture, promotion of Risk and Risk Awareness
    • Financial risk – currency, hedging etc.
    • Bribery Act.

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