HR & Training

Career Planning and Talent Management

Creating Organisational Excellence by Identifying, Developing & Promoting Your Best People


Who Should Attend:

  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Training & Development Practitioners
  • HR Specialists & Managers

Course Objectives

  • Identify specific Talent Management challenges in your organisation and consider ways to eliminate or reduce them
  • Understand the impact of career planning on your organisational strategy
  • Conduct job/competency analysis for roles in their organisation
  • View employer branding, attracting, recruiting, selecting, on-boarding and performance management as critical components in a fully-integrated talent management approach
  • Develop a pipeline plan to ensure a steady stream of talent to fill key vacancies and create a succession plan for mission-critical positions
  • Implement, evaluate and sustain career planning and talent management efforts in your organisation.

What will you gain ?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the key components of an effective talent management process
  • Integrate the key talent management functions to ensure you effectively hire, train, and retain employees for organisational success
  • Plan for applying talent management concepts/knowledge in your organisation
  • Evaluate the outcomes and impacts, and identify next steps.

Course Content

Career Planning

Personal Growth
  • Adult development stages – factors affecting career choices
  • Personal life goals – career anchors
  • Assessing current life – career situations
Career Development and Planning
  • Definitions: a career – career development - career planning
  • The phases of career planning
  • The importance of career development
The Role of Managers in Career Development
  • Managers as the key players in development
  • How to train managers to develop their people
The Role of Organisations in Career Development
  • Understanding the organisation culture
  • Impact of organisational policies on career development

Talent Management

Introducing a Talent Management System
  • Creating a Talent Management System for Organisation Excellence
  • Four Steps to Creating a Talent Management System
Developing the Building Blocks of Talent ManagementBuilding Block 1 - Competencies
  • Competencies: The First Building Block of Talent Management
  • How Competencies Create Economic Value
Building Block 2 - Performance Management
  • Selecting the Right Performance Management System
  • Performance Appraisal: Myth and Reality
Building Block 3 - Evaluating Employee Potential
  • Determining Every Employee’s Potential for Growth
  • Finding High-Potential Talent throughout the Organisation
Building Block 4 - Recruiting Super keepers
  • Finding and Hiring Fast-Track Talent
  • Using a Talent Management Model for Selection: Guarding the Entrances to Your Organisation
Talent Planning
  • Achieving Organisation Excellence through Talent Planning and Development
  • Developing Super keepers, Keepers and Solid Citizens: Measurement Makes a Difference.

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