Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

Project Management Terminology, Tools & Techniques for Project Success


Who Should Attend:

  • Business Professionals and Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Professionals seeking fundamental Project Management skills
  • Office Managers & Co-ordinators

Course Objectives

  • Recognise the practical importance of employing a structured methodology using proven best practices to manage projects
  • Gain an overview of the key concepts and terminology of the Project Management (PM) life cycle and knowledge areas
  • Obtain skills to manage projects from start to finish
  • Learn how to initiate projects and establish the right organisational structures
  • Explore methods for determining project scope and constraints
  • Understand the essential steps and tools for successful project planning
  • Master tools to control cost/schedule and track deliverables for quality assurance
  • Learn the fundamentals of project procurement and contractor management
  • Develop Risk Management and Change Control skills and techniques
  • Identify how to plan and manage your time for increased productivity
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of project management, using real-world case studies related to your industry.

What will you gain ?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use proven methodologies to deliver projects on time, to budget and to the quality standards expected in an internal or external project
  • Manage each stage of the project life cycle
  • Define roles and responsibilities for project stakeholders
  • Identify project characteristics
  • Define project scope including time, cost and quality constraints
  • Perform resource analysis
  • Master the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to  build a realistic project schedules, milestones and deliverables
  • Employ tools to execute, track,  monitor and control your projects effectively
  • Manage vendor relationships to maximise positive project outcomes
  • Identify, analyse, quantify, mitigate and manage risks to reduce impact
  • Manage project change through formal change control processes
  • Assess, monitor and control project performance
  • Effectively manage stakeholder expectations and communications
  • Capture lessons learned for future benefit
  • Take the steps to close your projects (and move on to the next).

Course Content

  • Introduction to Project Management background and importance
  • Overview of PM key concepts
  • Understanding What Defines a Project
    • Project vs. Programme
    • Project Management Life Cycle
    • Project Life Cycle vs. Project Management Life Cycle
  • Project Organisations
    • Functional Organisation
    • Projectised Organisation
    • Matrix Organisation
  • Project Manager Skills and Titles
  • The Project Triangle: Viewing Projects in Terms of Time, Cost and Scope
  • Project Initiation
    • Stakeholders and Stakeholder Management
    • Project Charter
    • Communications Plan
  • Planning and Preparation
    • Definition and Planning
    • Phases and Processes
    • Project directing
    • Defining Scope and Deliverables
    • Using PERT and Gantt Charts
    • Setting milestones
    • Establishing realistic objectives
  • Getting the Most out of Your Time
    • Time Management Fundamentals
    • Better planning to make more time for better planning
    • Tips and Tricks to being more productive
  • Tracking and Control
    • Preparing Project Plans and Statement of Works
    • Vendor and sub-contract management
    • Progress monitoring and reporting
    • Network Diagraming
    • How to tell if a project is out of control
    • Quality Assurance on deliverables
    • Change Management
    • Managing Meetings
    • Milestone reviews
    • Post Implementation reviews
    • Closing projects effectively
    • Earned Value Management
  • Risk Management
    • Risk Assessment
    • Managing the Risks
    • Identification of Risks
    • Testing & Pilots
  • Project Close-out
  • Hands-on Exercises, relevant to your industry.


  • “This is one of the best workshops I have attended. It was interactive and easily understood. I feel like I have learnt a lot, and I am excited to use these tools in my workplace. Instructor was great and the training was very well-organised.”
  • “The way the project management course has been delivered has been excellent. The trainers’ style was great and his enthusiastic way of delivering the message has been very good. I have learnt a lot in these three days. Really enjoyed the course and the content.”
  • “Excellent training! Very good presentation. Presented in a very practical manner. Exercises were very useful and helped to recap the lessons. Good case studies and examples were used that made it easy to understand. It has helped to make me more organised and results-oriented. Will surely transfer the knowledge gained and get it implemented in our team.”

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