Nationals Development

Mastering the Interview

Improve Your Chances of Winning Your Dream Job


Who Should Attend:

  • Fresh Graduates & Undergraduates
  • Professionals looking for career change

Course Objectives

The success of one’s career depends greatly on the ability to recognise the job-related values that are important to the individual as well as the hiring company. In your resume, you must put forth the strong impression that you are the best option for the companies’ employment needs.  Cover letters, when introducing a strong, well prepared resume, should be brief and to the point.  Having a collection of your best work available in a portfolio is a great way to not only tell the employer what you are able to do, but also to show them what you have done for others.  Going into an interview without preparation is never advisable.Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it. 
  • Learn how to evaluate your skills and career aspirations to target the right jobs
  • Understand how to develop your CV as your image for best results
  • Master the dos and don'ts of the job market to get The Interview
  • Identify the critical steps to prepare for your interview
  • Obtain techniques to overcome your jitters and build self-confidence
  • Understand how to excel at psychometric tests and competency-based interviews
  • Master the art of dressing for success and the basics of business etiquette
  • Identify how to ask the right questions at the end of an interview and follow up after.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Prepare for your job search by identifying the current job market and its requirements and helping you put your best foot forward when searching for employment
  • Tackle important areas such as writing your CV and cover letter and preparing for interviews
  • Highlight critical areas such as identifying and understanding yourself, what you bring to the table and what you need to do to hone certain skills that are lacking but required for your identified ideal job.

Course Content

  • Today’s job market – An Overview
  • What are companies looking for in candidates
  • Skills thought after by employers
  • Self-Discovery – Johari Window
  • SWOT analysis and establishing your goals
  • Building and polishing your resume/CV
    • Types of resumes
    • Do’s and Don’ts of resumes
    • Action verbs
    • Important pointers for resumes
  • Cover letters
    • Cover letter checklist
    • Cover letter format
  • How and where to apply for jobs
    • Answering job advertisements
    • Using social media 
  • Understanding the Interview
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What to expect at an interview
  • Interview questions and how to answer them
  • Competency based interviews
  • After the interview
  • Mock Interviews
  • Self-Assessment – Does my profile correspond to what companies are looking for
  • Self-Assessment and Development
  • Linking your wants (job) to their needs
  • Action Plan.

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