Microsoft Office

Microsoft Visio 2010® Fundamentals

Master your Flowchart and Diagramming Applications Using Microsoft Visio 2010®


Who Should Attend:

  • IT Professionals who provide tech support
  • Business Users with diagramming requirements

Course Objectives

  • An overview of the basic and advanced features available in Microsoft Visio 2010®
  • Learn how to create, format and manipulate shapes and apply decorative themes
  • Learn how to use connectors and layout tools to build flowcharts and Org Charts
  • Learn how to create and export timelines and Gantt chart to track project details
  • Learn how to use and create templates and themes and use layers.

What will you gain ?

By the end of this course you will be able to: 
  • Work with block diagrammes and move, size, rotate, and copy shapes
  • Format individual shapes, add decorative elements, and apply themes to entire diagrammes
  • Connect shapes, use connectors in a flowchart and use layout tools to distribute, align and position shapes
  • Use Visio timelines and Gantt charts, create timelines, export timeline data and track project details
  • Create an organisation chart, view and modify data stored within shapes, display and format text within shapes, change chart layouts and add color and background to charts
  • Use Office Layout template and use layers to organise shapes in an office layout
  • Create a diagramme of a network infrastructure, add information to the network equipment shapes and create a hardware report.

Course Content

  • Visio 2020 essentials introduction
  • What is Visio 2010?
  • Starting Visio 2010
  • The Visio 2010 interface
 Creating a Flowchart
  • Selecting a flowchart template
  • Working with the Shapes Window
  • Adding shapes to a diagramme
  • Adding text to a shape
  • Aligning and distributing shapes
  • Connecting shapes
  • Changing connector properties
  • Adding text to a connector
  • Adding and removing shapes from a flow
  • Saving a flowchart
 Creating a Process Diagramme
  • Creating a cross-functional flowchart
  • Adding cross-functional groups (Swimlanes)
  • Removing a cross-functional group (Swimlane)
  • Adding shapes
  • Adding text to a shape
  • Connecting shapes
  • Adding text and changing connector properties
  • Adding and removing shapes
  • Using and linking multiple worksheets
  • Using sub-process
 Working with Data Sources
  • Add custom data fields to a shape
  • Add data to a shape
  • Delete data from a shape
  • Connect external data sources to shapes
  • Link data to individual shapes
  • Removing linked data from shapes
 Representing an Organisation Hierarchy
  • Create an organisation chart
  • Modify an organisation chart
Create a detailed network diagramme
  • Add and edit diagramme data
  • Create Hardware reports.

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