Personal Branding by 'Etreek'

Personal Branding for Youth: ‘Define and Shine’


Course Objectives

In the unpredictable world, we live in, undergraduates and fresh graduates need to work on differentiating themselves and stand out from the crowd.  They need an “X” factor that makes them irreplaceable. In other ways, they are in need for a well - defined personal branding.Personal branding Management is a proved tool for professional success. So that personal branding management is not a cosmetic exercise but instead a dedicated process that works on developing the competencies that increase the potential of standing out in the crowded job market.

What will you gain?

After completing the program, participants will be able to:
  • Understand ETREEK personal branding model
  • Recognize and discuss the personal branding driving forces.
  • Discuss the influence of effective personal branding
  • Learn how to take actionable steps to modify their personal brand to reflect their inner character and convey their promise of value
  • Discuss how their behaviors influence how others perceive them
  • Identify and modify behaviors in order to be reflective of their personal brand
  • Identify personal branding crucial skills.
  • Identify the benefits and consequences of both off line and online personal brand
  • Write top notch CV using different effective styles.
  • Learn the winning interviewing skills techniques and practices
  • Make them aware of and use their digital identity

Course Content

Our Methodology:
  • Fundamental in messages, lasting in impact.
  • Balancing education with entertainment elements in learning.
  • Unconventional delivery style
  • Fun, interesting, and energizing learning atmosphere
  • Balancing intellectual understanding and emotional involvement.

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