Team Building

Plan like a Chef!

A Team-building Day with a Special Flavour


Who Should Attend:

  • Business Managers
  • Full Teams from a Department
  • Sales Workforce/Teams

Course Objectives

  • Build awareness of the importance of backwards planning to meet deadlines
  • Learn how to work as a team on multiple projects all at once
  • Learn how to formulate and execute a plan, assign roles, and meet pre-set expectations
  • How to measure the effectiveness of execution by assigning milestones and quality based benchmarks.
  • Guide the team members on how to go through the 4 stages of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing)
  • Building awareness on how to manage conflict while performing under pressure
  • Celebrating success: The importance of counting team achievements
  • Creating a road map on how to avoid the pitfalls in the future while working on team projects.

Course Content

Full-day Agenda: 
  • 0800: Arrive at the Pre-set location
  • 0800 – 0830: Participant de-brief and introduction – Participants are split into teams   and explained the agenda for the day
  • 0830 – 1230: Teams are assigned their respective job tasks (Recipes) and given the   scheduled time to cook
  • 1230 – 0130: Break for Lunch
  • 0130 – 0300: Trainer’s de-brief on the process
  • 0300 – 0315: Final Reflection on Key Learning Points
  • 0315 – 0330: Wrap up and Evaluation.

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