Finance & Budgeting

Trade Finance Operations

Understanding the Concepts of Trade Finance With Coverage of ICC Different Practices


Who Should Attend:

  • Staff working in the Corporate Department
  • Staff working in the Trade Finance Department (with less than 2 years of experience)
  • Credit/Risk Officers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Professionals working in Trade, Export and Commodity Finance

Course Objectives

  • To get the staff from the Corporate and Trade Finance Department to learn all about the International Payment Methods, Document Collection, L/Cs, L/Gs
  • Give a comprehensive insight about the operations in the respective departments
  • A systematic approach to assess and manage the international trade.

What will you gain ?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the work process and its connection with other departments
  • Identify financing needs and structuring solutions to meet the clients’ needs
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Risks and Solutions
  • Comprehend the types of payment methods involved in international trade
  • Learn all about UCP 600 and ISBP 681 and apply these in your area of work
  • Understand  what L/Gs are.

Course Content

Day 1
  • International payment tools
  • Advance payment
  • Open Account
  • Documents for collection
  • Avalized Drafts
  • Letters of Credit
  • Issuing of L/C
  • Utilisation
  • Forms of L/C
  • Confirmed L/C
  • Transferrable L/C
  • Back to Back Revolving and Standby L/C
  • Assignment of Proceeds
  • INCO Terms 2010
  • Partial shipments
  • Tolerance
  • Transshipment
  • Types of payment
  • Shipping documents
Day 3
  • UCP 600
  • Rules
  • Applications
 Day 4
  • ISBP 681
  • Rules
  • Applications
  • Case studies
  • Groups activities
Day 5
  • L/Gs    
  • L/Gs parties
  • Characteristics
  • Elements
  • Obligations and commitments
  • Forms
  • Types               
    • Bid Bond
    • Performance Bond
    • Advance Payment Bond
    • Retention Bond
    • Shipping Guarantee
    • External Guarantee
    • Amendments.

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