Nationals Development

Year of Tolerance

Tolerance and the Global Culture


Who Should Attend:

All employees with different nationalities on various levels who want to understand how tolerance can increase work productivity, job satisfaction, and motivation. Also, all individuals who need to improve their relations with others on both the personal and work level.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the art and science of being tolerant.
  • Increase tolerance in the work place.
  • Improve productivity and motivation on the job
  • Solidify a tolerance relation (bond) between employees and managers.
  • Create a relaxing, yet motivating, work culture and atmosphere.

What will you gain?

In this workshop, we will discuss how to be tolerant specifically at your work place which in turn will increase your motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction. This workshop also develops the necessary skills for employees to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem which are very important for their career success.

Course Content

  • Global leaders and tolerance
    • Tolerance and its characteristics
    • Key concepts and terminologies
    • Global leaders and influencers
    • Tolerance understanding and sensitivity
    • Global transformation
  • Tolerance and communication
    • The culture differences
    • Communication resources
    • Global communication
    • Communication keys “Low-High Context”
    • Communication variables
    • Handling two swords at the same time
  • Tolerance in negotiation
    • Conflict resolution
    • Negotiation across cultures
    • Assumptions and tolerance
    • International business tolerance framework
    • The price of failed negotiation
  • Tolerance and changing knowledge culture
    • Change life spaces
    • Tolerance in a knowledge culture
    • Tolerance in changing organizational culture
    • Managing the knowledge culture
  • Tolerance and other management systems
    • Global management
    • Challenges in global management
    • Strategic collaborations and mergers
  • Women as leaders in global tolerant business
    • The current status
    • Global stereotypes about women in business
    • Barriers hindering the advantage of women
    • Women and overseas assignments
    • Balancing work and family
    • The future of women in a global tolerant business
  • Diversity in the global tolerant business
    • Defining diversity
    • People on the move
    • Tolerance and diversity
    • Empowering workers
  • Tolerance and effective global market performance
    • Global human performance
    • The ethical behavior framework
    • Tolerance and culture management
  • Tolerance and creating culture synergy
    • Synergies implications
    • Cross cultural conflict and tolerance synergy
    • Synergy in organisational culture
    • Synergetic team management
  • Managing transitions and relocations
    • Relocation challenges
    • Coping with transitional challenges
    • Global business etiquette
  • Regional tolerance specifics
    • Doing business with middle easterners
    • Doing business with Latin Americans
    • Doing business with Asians and Australians
    • Doing business with Europeans
    • Doing business with Africans
    • Doing business with north Americans


  • “I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The course was great! Everything was excellent and well-organised. It will help me in forming my team and taking them to the next level.”
  • “Perfect program! Really enjoyed it. Everything was awesome – the trainer, the way the he made the teams cooperate with one another, the activities, etc. I learnt things that will improve my skills at work and definitely in my personal life too.”
  • “This training was the most successful, enjoyable, creative and encouraging one that I’ve ever attended.”
  • “Excellent job done! This course was useful, relevant to the workplace and gave excellent procedures to team members. I have learnt to motivate my team members to enjoy the work we are doing, and to share the information as much as possible.”

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