Customer Service Training Dubai – By the Experts

Customer training service Dubai- “By the experts”!

Whenever you offer your service or product to another person you become customer service representative and the person becomes your customer. “Customer is the king and is always right”, is believed by every organization. It is fact and customers are the lifeline for any business.  It is very important to understand the importance of good customer service. Good customer service will help any business in getting new customers, holding loyal customers and developing referrals for a future customer. Customer service starts at initial greeting may it’s in person or on the phone or via email, a good customer service skills will make a positive impression on the customer.   If you are involved in business or organization, it is very important that you know the principles of effective customer service skills, like how to deal with customers in the tricky situation and how to respond to their complaints and providing them positive experience as this will help you or your company to grow in this competitive world. At HNI, we offer expert customer service training Dubai that shall cover all the essential topics.

If you are looking forward to making a career in customer service you should be clear about your roles and should have the best skills for handling a customer because for every business or organization customer is the primary key for their success. So if you want to excel in your career in customer service you have to be expert in your field and many people fail to understand this and they end up losing their job or business. Customer Service is a skill that can be learned and mastered with practice and persistence. So join customer service training in Dubai and polish your skills and increase your chances of getting best job or to do well in your business.

Dubai has many centers for customer service training but if you want to know the best one that helps to improve your skills then it is HNI training and coaching. We provide world-class experiential coaching training solutions and services in English as well as the Arabic language.  The best thing about HNI training and coaching is that it will  not give  your just theoretical knowledge and will not follow typical classroom training method but it will give the participants practical training during sessions that will give them better understanding and knowledge about Customer Service.

Our methodology for customer service training Dubai:

Our course methodology involves interactive techniques like brief presentation b professionals which will be followed by questions, oral and written, case studies, role plays, video clips, self-awareness exercises, exercises to practice some methods learned during the course and more. Join our customer service training Dubai for the most effective learning.

Why attend customer service training?

One should attend this training because training given by us covers all the important elements of service that a person should know and apply. From the mandatory behavioral and communication skills to the right attitude, also including methods that will help you analyze and improve your customer service skills. We cover all this in an effective manner which will help you achieve customer satisfaction in any challenging situations.

Who should attend?

  • Customer service representatives

  • Staff level

  • Managers

  • Small business owners

  • Technical and support personnel

  • Supervisors

  • Customer service team leaders

  • Customer facing team members

  • Section heads and middle managers.

Course objectives:

  • It will give you the overview of what customer service means to you and your customer

  • Will help you understand how emotional intelligence (EQ) can give you customer service edge

  • Help you identify your personal strengths and blind spots and its impact on your customers

  • Identify EQ best practices for managing different situations including complaints

  • Learn how to measure how well customer service objectives are being achieved

  • Confirm how the EQ approach will help you to maintain long and profitable customer relationships

  • Learn how to motivate and maintain your self-confidence in front-line customer service terms

  • Help you in how to create first good impression and how to deal with upset and angry customers

  • It will explain customer service principles

  • Importance of body language.

What will you gain?

By the end of the customer service training course you will be able to:

  • Understand that reason for better business or for your growth in organization is a satisfied customer and that everyone provides customer service to either internal or external customers

  • Learn how to make every interaction with customers with positive attitude

  • Develop listening skills to learn and understand your customer’s needs

  • Learn to lower the emotional temperature which will help you have rational discussion with your customer

  • Take customers complaints seriously and also use that as an opportunity to show customer that you provide excellent service

  • Provide better, faster service which will increase customer satisfaction

  • Learn to recognize early signals of customer irritation and how to tackle that quickly by finding appropriate solution to the problem

  • Understand how important customer service is in this competitive environment

  • Know your own communication style and strengths

  • Work efficiently with different customer personalities and styles

  • Deal with the challenging situations and difficult customer

  • Effectively understand the customer and their behaviors.

Without giving a second though take up the customer service training Dubai from HNI training and coaching and be the reason for your organizational or business growth!
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