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HNI’s Core Values

     2018 Annual Public Training Calendar  I

                    Customer                                                                  Ethics

                    Centricity                                                       We  stand  by our moral code of
                                                                                     professional conduct and ethics in all our
                                                                                     dealings with internal  and external
              Our  approach  to  Customer  Service  is                               stakeholders.
              simple - our customers come first! Our
              expanding client base is a testament to
              our  positive,  professional  and  tireless
              attitude towards serving and supporting
              our customer's needs from A to Z, with a
              special  emphasis on post-training
              follow-up.                                                                    Quality

                     Passion                                                         We believe in quality that doesn't simply
                                                                                     meet, but exceed expectations. We set
                                                                                     very  high  benchmarks of quality  for
              We don't  just run  a training  business!                              ourselves,  and  we constantly strive to
              We are passionate about  learning,                                     ensure  our  clients  satisfaction  with
              about sharing knowledge and about                                      every training program we deliver. Our
                                                                                     quality promise is backed by our passion
              making a difference, both professionally
              and  personally, in  the lives of  our                                 and our money-back guarantee.
              training participants.
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