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HNI set its footprints in Kuwait in the year 2013 offering fully customised in-house training courses for Warba Insurance and thanks to the overwhelming response received from the client we were successful in rolling out our business management and some of the most popular soft-skills courses in the areas of Leadership, Professional Self-development, Customer Service and Team Building to Gulf Investment Corporation. Ever since we started off our training courses in Kuwait, we have received massive response from customers that has further pushed us to offer you improved course design.  Owing to our success with these clients, we have gained immense popularity in the region and take pride in offering skill specific training programmes to a host of industries in 16 different categories.

Our most popular range of business management courses in Kuwait include but are not limited to:

  • Emotional Intelligence & NLP
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership & Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Administration & Office Management

Expert Training Courses in Kuwait

Looking forward to professional growth in the banking sector or business management domain? We at HNI, have expanded our training and coaching programs for various professions and skills.

Some of the professional domains where we are delivering training and guidance courses are –

Business Management Courses Kuwait

With our business management training in Kuwait, you can develop vital employable business skills. As today’s business world is highly competitive, you need more than mere qualification and passion to excel in the domain of business management.

That’s where we come in and provide you with essential guidance and knowledge. Our business management courses Kuwait are designed in accordance with industry experts. Hence, with us you’ll be able to gain insights which the major companies are looking for in a candidate.

Also, for faster and effective learning, we have segregated our course design into a bunch of short courses. This way the aspirants are able to acquire the knowledge efficiently and quickly.

Banking Courses Kuwait

Whether you want to get into the world of finance or want to secure a position in the Banking sector, we can help you out with our expert Banking Courses in Kuwait. We cover a wide range of study lessons and industry expert training that will help you learn about the core concepts and understandings.

Since our Kuwait training courses are highly researched and thoroughly detailed, you will be receiving an in-depth insight on how banking works and how you can excel in this field.

Our approach is different from in-class monotonous lessons as we believe that’s not the ideal way to acquire and retain knowledge. This is why our courses are designed to be interactive, practical, experiential and effective. We have an expert team of trainers that have years of experience in the relevant industry.

With our banking courses in Kuwait, you will get the most result-yielding learning that you can apply real-time to achieve excellence in career.

PMP Courses Kuwait

Now, many consider PMP courses to be complex, however, at HNI we are known to make complex courses into easy and effective training for our clients. We all know how important role does Project Managers play in today’s business world.

Top firms and companies are always on the lookout to hire the best Project Managers. If you wish to secure your position in one of the top companies as a Project Manager then you need more than just the qualifying certification.

You need sharp training that will shape you to learn about the challenges, responsibilities and more about Project Management. Our PMP course in Kuwait is ideal for you to choose as we have designed a well-tailored course that covers all the essential areas of PMP training.

Easily customizable and practical approach is adopted to give valuable insights and guidance to the aspiring candidates. By the time you finish our PMP Training Kuwait, you will be able to successfully apply the knowledge in good use for excelling in your profession.

HNI is constantly upgrading its Kuwait Training Courses to meet the requirements of the clients. We have plenty of other soft skills training and courses and other professional courses lined up for the benefit of yours.

With industry expert guidance, you are sure to achieve excellence in your profession and head towards a better future.

Visit for more information about our Top Selling programmes in Kuwait.

Beginning 2015, HNI also started offering Finance and Banking courses in Kuwait. Some of these programmes include Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorism, Budgeting Basics and are known to be highly interactive providing in-depth knowledge on the subject, using real-world case studies related to your industry. For more information about management training in Kuwait and more of these programmes visit

So if you are you on the lookout for a skill-specific training course in Kuwait, whether a public programme or an in-house customised session that can deliver immediate performance improvements within your company then, get in touch with our training center by sending us an email on and we will get back to you!

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