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HNI Qatar has proved to be nothing but a promising market since its inception in 2010 offering cut-throat business management training solutions to government, semi-government, private and local Qatari market.

Since 2010 we have been successfully providing our clients with business, soft skills and management training programmes and solutions and a host of other services to help individuals and businesses grow, personally as well as professionally.

Business Management Courses in Qatar:

Owing to our success in UAE, HNI decided to spread its wings to other parts of GCC, made its debut in Qatar with one of our top clients Ooredoo in the year 2010 delivering Business Management Courses in Qatar and thanks to the overwhelming feedback received from the client, we were successful in rolling out our business management training programmes in the areas of HR, Quality & Excellence, Leadership, Strategy and Team Building to some of the top clients such as Qatar Foundation, Qatar National Bank, Georgetown University, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, Qatar Museums Authority to name a few.

Management Training in Qatar

HNI’s management courses in Qatar are by far the most sought-after training and development programmes that we offer. Companies in Doha are keen on using a range of experiential learning approaches, focusing on the importance of management skills training course to get other people to want to give you their support and project a stronger, more confident and professional image of it’s employees. We have successfully delivered management training courses Qatar ever since our beginnings in the region to clients such as Qatar Gas, Ras Gas, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Foundation and QDB, to name a few.

Our suite of Management Courses in Qatar offers the following benefits and helps in advancing your career in the right directiom:

  1. Plan, prioritise and delegate effectively
  2. Manage people and develop crucial foundational skills to shift from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line performance
  3. Manage individuals, groups and tasks; facilitate, structure and plan the work of employees reporting to you
  4. Maintain and foster relationships and accomplish high quality work through better collaboration
  5. Understand your role as a manager and get a deeper understanding of your leadership style
  6. Nurture the skills required to engage and empower your new team for success

So if you are you on the lookout for a skill-specific training course in Doha, whether a public programme or an in-house customised session on Management Training Courses that can deliver immediate performance improvements within your company then, get in touch with our training center, Qatar by sending us an email on and we will get back to you!

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