Maximising your PMP Certification

Maximising your PMP Certification

You’ve probably weighed the pros and cons of completing your PMP certification or PMI Certification. You’re aware that these certifications provide you with a globally recognized standardized qualification, give you a common language to support working with other project management professionals and help you stand out from other candidates when it comes to competing for project management roles.

The promise of a higher salary is of course also a big draw: according to the “Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition”, PMP certified professionals earn 20% more than those without certification (source:

However, gaining a PMP certificate or PMI certification is only part of the story when it comes to truly excelling at this type of work. PMBOK processes, budgeting frameworks and other project management “tools” can only take you so far, just like the tools of any trade.

Projects are a collaborative effort. Many people need to come together to complete tasks and maybe even shift thinking in an organization for a project to be successful. Your technical skill as a project manager needs to be supported by other soft skills that help you work with and through people to achieve these goals: skills like communication, team building and change management.

These soft skills or your “emotional intelligence” are therefore a big part of becoming an accomplished project manager. They can make the difference between your projects achieving their objectives or never getting off the ground.

The PMI certification Dubai requires you to complete 35 hours of project management education. When it comes to selecting a PMP course to fulfil your PMP Certification project management education requirements, it is wise to look for a well-rounded PMP course that can help you develop these soft skills alongside your technical skills. Only then will you be able to truly maximize your PMP Certification in Dubai.

The best PMP training course for project management in Dubai is provided by Human Network International (HNI). HNI provides rigorous project management, emotional intelligence and business management training using a systematic approach developed through their knowledge and research in the industry. Our programs are engaging and customized for the best results.

Dubai has a competitive and challenging corporate and business environment, it is very important for a company to deliver its products and services on time.  Nowadays employers desire to hire an employee who has taken a project management professional certification training (PMP)® in Dubai as PMP® makes a person a more valued contributor to an organization and also helps in taking a career to next level. The best PMP training in Dubai develops the skills of a person and gives them the confidence to bring the new products and services to market on time and on budget.

Today world is advancing and progressing at a great speed in terms of building and maintaining complex infrastructure and in such huge projects involves millions and time is the main constraint.  In such a scenario the role of a talented and skilled project manager is inevitable. The UAE has become the hub of infrastructure. So if you want to get the best job and want to earn good then do the Best PMP training in Dubai. Gaining a PMP certificate in Dubai will increase your chances to get a job in professional project management. PMP in Dubai is the most important industry-recognized certificate for project managers.

How to prepare for the PMP® certification course?

There are many sources for PMP® exam preparation; PMI® offers a huge number of books and various study materials and articles on project management, but to pass the PMP® courses in Dubai the best choice is HNI. HNI training and coaching is the best training center for the best PMP training course in Dubai and has become one of the leading regional players in training and development. The examination has questions based on actual situations and candidates will need the experience and knowledge to answer that. The best PMP training course in Dubai is required to become eligible for the exam. So if you want to prepare for the best PMP training in Dubai, then we are the best as our training is not typical dull classroom training but our training is interactive and we provide experimental, inspirational, practical and power-packed learning experiences based on behavioural competencies. You will gain hands-on skills during a session, making sure that knowledge is truly gained and retained. With us, you will receive the best lectures that will professionally prepare you for your exams.

Why PMP certification in Dubai is important?

It doesn’t matter what is the business is about and what are the services and products that it has to offer, the main thing is that the projects must be efficiently developed and delivered on time and within a given budget. So these days individual that plans the project cost-effectively from beginning to end is in great demand in industry or business, and only a person who has taken training for a PMP® certification course can do that. PMP certification Dubai is truly global and unlike other certifications, it’s not only limited to a particular place and domain. As a Project manager, you have the freedom and flexibility to practically work in any industry, with any methodology, and in any location.

The value of PMP certification in Dubai:

  • PMP® credential mentioned in your resume itself increases the chances for you to find a job as a project manager and also most of the employers need PMP certificate of their project manager and they are less likely to hire noncertified project managers.

  • Certification holders of PMP in Dubai can get a higher salary as compared to non-certified project managers. They can earn nearly 20% more than non-certified project managers.

  • Having a PMP certification Dubai will lift up your career and will give you good opportunities with ease.

Who can attend this best PMP training in Dubai?

  • Project managers and executives

  • Project coordinators

  • Project engineers

What will the best PMP course in Dubai include?

The PMP certification examination course will provide the complete teachings of a project that follows the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK® Guide). HNI PMP® course in Dubai is conducted by the best instructors.  There is a total of 10 knowledge areas and 5 management process groups that you will study in this course. This course of PMP in Dubai will provide you with everything that a project management professional needs including 35 hours of project management education that is required to take the PMP® certification exam.

How to gain and maintain your PMP®

  • The PMP certification exam has 200 multiple-choice questions that you have to complete in four hours

  • To maintain your PMP certification Dubai, you must score 60 PDUs (professional development units) every three years.

Eligibility to sit for PMP® certification exam is:

  • Secondary degree along with 5 years of project management experience, 7,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hrs of project management education


  • A four-year degree and at least 3 years of project management experience, along with 4,500 hrs leading and directing projects and 35 hrs of project management education

For the best project management courses in Dubai enrol with HNI training and coaching center. We aim at delivering the best services and we are a provider of PMI in the USA. We make sure that our participants have the best learning experience.
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