Finance & Budgeting

Aligning Budgeting with Strategy

What's so different about this programme?

This management training programme addresses these business challenges in a course designed for managers who seek improvement in the running of both their organisation business strategy and budgeting, and the art of recognizing the business benefits that can be achieved from such an approach.

Public Programme Dates & Schedule

Dubai: 2-3 Sept'18
Duration:Unknown Days
Fees: AED 2995
Course Objectives:Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explore the budgeting process, key planning and forecasting techniques used to build and manage reliable budgets
  • Forecasts, adjusting to reflect changing conditions and to improve performance
  • Apply modern budgeting techniques and support strategic cost management
  • Understand how business strategy links with activity-based management and budgets
  • Focus on key strategic control areas in business and finance
  • Use management tools and techniques to support strategic management.
Course Content:Formulating Strategy to Achieve Vision
  • Agree vision, mission, culture and values
  • Key elements in strategic planning
  • Role of finance in supporting strategic planning
Types of Budgets
  • Departmental budgets
  • Cash budgets
  • Capital and operating budgets
  • Master budgets
Types of Costs
  • Fixed & variable costs
  • Controllable & uncontrollable costs
The Budgeting Process
  • How to engage the business
  • Rolling Forecasts Overview
  • Conducting well-structured interviews
  • Designing carefully considered questionnaires
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction
  • Management use of Budget and Forecast Data
  • Categorizing and regrouping relevant information
  • Budgeting Methods
  • Top-down & bottom-up budgeting
  • Zero-based & activity-based budgeting
  • Multiple-scenario based and flexible budgeting
Risk Management
  • Role of risk management in corporate governance
  • Finance’ role in supporting risk management
  • Identify all risks, evaluate potential impact
  • Incorporate strategic flexibility to respond to internal and external changes and pressures
  • Prevent issues becoming risks then turning
  • Prevent Failure of Strategies
Budget Monitoring and Control 
  • Benchmarking and Reporting
  • Financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Milestone monitoring
  • Costing techniques and margin management
  • Resource allocation and balancing priorities
  • Creating systems to monitor effectiveness of implementation.

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