Soft Skills Training – Short Courses

Understand the do’s and don’ts of great management and soft skills techniques in business

Whether In-house or Public, HNI offers short courses in UAE ranging from 1 to 5 days. Each of these programmes are fully customized, high quality, fun, interactive programmes prepared and ready to be delivered.

We publish a Public Courses Calendar every year with 60+ short courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, scheduled to take place atleast thrice a year. This is a cost-effective option for companies that have less than 5 candidates to register on a particular course and also gives the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded professionals from the industry. Our key public courses are communication skills training Dubai, negotiation skills training Dubai and presentations training Dubai; however we have been successfully delivering programmes in all the areas of soft skills and business management.

Our In-house programmes, are delivered after running a complete training needs analysis and we then hand-pick the most suitable programme, fully customized to the requirements of the employees. These programmes can also be designed as short courses ranging from 2 to 5 days or can be a long-term programme spread over weeks.

Top Training Topics in Soft Skills Training

Management Skills Training

Becoming a people’s manager is a necessity in today’s corporate life. Amongst the many motivational tools – such as perks, pay and title – interpersonal relationships and feeling appreciated, motivated and recognised by one’s manager are definitely the most powerful incentives. All this comes down to your management skills, leadership skills and team building skills and how good are they! A good and engaging Management Skills Training Course is hands-on and customized for participants to get the best results. HNI can help you go from being a good to a great manager, with award-winning training programs covering management skills, emotional intelligence skills and leadership skills. HNI’s training uses a systematic approach developed through our knowledge and extensive industry research.

Negotiation Skills Training

Many people think negotiation skills are only required by high-powered sales people chasing deals or aggressive lawyers trying to settle a case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Negotiation skills are an everyday skill. They help us navigate our lives…whether bagging a big discount on a new piece of furniture, securing a bump in salary or reaching a compromise with your 3-year old on whether or not they can have that piece of cake right now. Negotiation skills training programmes enable us to work productively with others, both in our personal lives and of course in the working environment. They can help us deal with difficult people and demanding customers. Developing negotiation and sales skills can also bring benefits back to our organisations and help them thrive in competitive marketplaces. Human Network International (HNI) offers negotiation skills training in Dubai that puts emotional intelligence and communication skills at the forefront of participant learning. The programmes are engaging and customized for the best results, with real, practical negotiation exercises.

We offer programmes in over 16 different categories, however the programmes that have gained most popularity in the Middle East are as follows:

Coaching Skills Training Programmes and One to one Coaching

Communication Skills Training
Negotiation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training
Business Communication Skills
Business Presentations & Public Speaking
Supervisory Skills Training
Emotional Intelligence Training
Train the Trainer
Strategic Thinking & Planning
Decision Making Training Course
Finance for Non-Finance Training
Goals & Objectives

In the recent past, companies have also approached us for programmes such as Social Media Training, Digital Marketing Training Dubai and in diverse areas such as Succession Planning.

Whether public or in-house, we offer and deliver programmes to everyone! For details, email us at

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