Gihan Abu El-Ela

MA International HRD, MSc Learning & Organizational Behaviour, FCIPD

Award Winning Rock Star Educator & HRD Scholar

Skilled Human Capital Development scholar, Personal Branding Strategist and Organizational Behavior Lead Educator with passion in applying Organizational Behavior science in Human Capital development area for more than 14 years of field experience . Gihan has been in HRD several senior leadership positions. She’s Adjunct Lead Educator at University of Dubai. Besides, she is the managing director of ETREEK Personal Branding @ work consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany and the Human Capital Development Partner and Exclusive Lead Educator at HNI Training & Coaching.  Gihan she worked across multiple industries including Telecom, Pharmaceutical, hospitality and Oil & Gas at board level and in close partnership with CEOs and MDs to drive learning and talent development interventions and to enhance workplace relationships.

Gihan received A 5 STAR “Rockstar” Educator Award of excellence from University of Dubai for 4 consecutive years for superb performance in the area of Human Capital Development and Organizational Behavior. Gihan’s work methodology stands for exploring areas of possibilities and potential, eliciting solutions and strategies , enabling new thinking and behaviors by being fully present with an open mind and a welcoming heart to create a workplace environment where the key questions of how to act, how to think, how to behave and how to be” evolve” through experiential learning interventions. Gihan’s Latest book is about Professional Personal Branding at work will be released soon.

Degrees and Vocational Qualifications:

  • International Human Resources Development, Coventry University, UK

  • Academic Fellow CIPD (FCIPD)

  • MSc Adult Learning & Organizational Behavior, Cairo University, Egypt

  • Member at the international coaching federation (ICF)

  • Member at the American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP)

  • Certified Design thinker, Virginia University, USA

  • Certified Assessment Center Developer (WHRB)

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Coach (Six seconds, USA)

  • Certified Compensation and Benefit Manager (WHRB)

  • Certified Competency framework developer (WHRB)

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner (Six Seconds, USA)

 Key Programmes Delivered Below are just the key topics.  Gihan has the experience of delivering trainings in various topics. Full list can be provided on request.

  • Employee Relationships at work

  • Workplace psychology

  • Organizational behavior

  • Happiness at workplace: the science and the practice.

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Agile innovation and design thinking at the workplace

  • Coaching managers , coaching leaders

  • Present with impact

  • Train the trainer based on Gihan’s developed and verified model

  • Developing People

  • Competency Based Trainings

  • Training needs analysis

  • The art of being a training manager : the WHAT and the WHY

  • Coaching and Counselling

  • Leadership and Management

  • International HR

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • The science and art of managing time

  • Stress management and the brain hormones

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