Mohamed Abdul-Kawy

Licensed Corporate Trainer/ Associate Certified Meta Coach

Mohamed is a licensed international Bi-Lingual Master Facilitator and a Performance Coach with more than 12 years’ experience in 9 countries. He has developed state-of-the-art training programs for world class organizations in industries such as Banking, Government, Retail, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate & Construction, and NGOs.


An engaging speaker with outstanding presentation and demonstration skills at world-class conferences and events, Mohamed applies various experiential learning methods, and provides both one on one coaching conversations and group coaching in most training workshops. He is also personal consultant to many successful entrepreneurs.  


Mohamed is a licensed and renowned trainer and coach in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Neurosemantics (NS). NLP and NS are disciplines which study the structure of subjective human excellence in performance, and how this can be transferred and developed in the form of step-by-step practical techniques to those seeking peak performance in personal and business life.


He has extensively researched ways to adapt NLP and NS techniques to the business world, and has successfully boosted the performance of thousands of individuals within many organizations.


Mohamed possesses a natural ability to quickly build rapport, engage trainees and build and sustain high energy with outstanding charismatic presence and excellent presentation/demonstration.


He is also a regular guest speaker at several Egyptian Universities, local Egyptian TV shows and also a guest in many international conferences and events


He currently holds many internationally accredited licenses and can certify internationally accredited programs.

Mohamed currently holds the following credentials:

  • The first ever Licensed Trainer of Neurosemantics© in Egypt and the MENA Region (The International Society of Neurosemantics – Colorado, USA)

  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach© and Group Coach (The International Society of Neurosemantics/Meta-Coaching Foundation – Colorado – USA)

  • Diploma Level in Self Actualization Psychology© (The International society of Neurosemantics – Colorado – USA)

  • Certified Senior Analyst of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication (The Body language institute –USA)

  • Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)(The International Society of Neurosemantics – Colorado, USA)

  • Certified Professional Personality Profiler – (The Body Language institute – USA)

  • Certified Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP and Neurosemantics© (ISNS and The American Board of NLP)

  • Diploma Level in Quantum Transformation (ANLP – UK)

  • Advanced Persuasion tactics and Genius© (ISNS – USA)

  • Licensed ILM Assessor – Level 3 (ILM-UK)

  • Certified MTA© Experiential Learning Facilitator (MTA Learning – UK)

  • Licensed self-actualization psychology Practitioner© (ISNS-USA)

  • Licensed trainer of Self leadership and Actualizing Excellence in Business© (ISNS-USA)

Best known for his enthusiasm, passion, extensive expertise in human excellence and peak performance coaching and his one-of-a-kind ability to challenge his audience to perform at their best; Mohamed demonstrates high influence on attitudes towards unleashing the very best performance in the personal lives and business careers of his trainees.

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