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Course TitleDurationStart DateEnd Date
Balanced Score Cards and KPIs2 DaysSEP-09-2020 08:00:00SEP-10-2020 16:00:00
Coaching and Mentoring Skills2 DaysAUG-30-2020 08:00:00AUG-31-2020 16:00:00
Creating Job Descriptions2 DaysOCT-18-2020 08:00:00OCT-19-2020 16:00:00
Employer Branding2 DaysSEP-16-2020 08:00:00SEP-17-2020 16:00:00
HR For Non-HR Managers2 DaysNOV-29-2020 08:00:00NOV-30-2020 16:00:00
Job Analysis & Design2 DaysSEP-30-2020 08:00:00OCT-01-2020 16:00:00
Meeting Management Skills2 DaysJUL-01-2020 08:00:00JUL-02-2020 16:00:00
Negotiation Skills2 DaysOCT-04-2020 08:00:00OCT-05-2020 16:00:00
Policies & Procedures2 DaysOCT-28-2020 08:00:00OCT-29-2020 16:00:00
Recruitments & Selection2 DaysNOV-18-2020 08:00:00NOV-19-2020 16:00:00
Setting Goals and Objectives2 DaysAUG-19-2020 08:00:00AUG-20-2020 16:00:00
Succession Planning2 DaysSEP-13-2020 08:00:00SEP-14-2020 16:00:00
Training Need Analysis (TNA)2 DaysOCT-14-2020 08:00:00OCT-15-2020 16:00:00

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